NutMoney Intro

NUT MONEY is a Protocol initialized on Huobi ECO Chain with lower gas cost and higher efficiency. Besides the basic loan function, NUT would bring more in the following steps, all is aiming for a Crunchy DeFi environment.
NUT is the token that powers the NUT ecosystem: Earn NUT from Farms, win it in the lottery, or buy it on the exchange.
Then explore its use cases:
  • Build And Develop AFT token
  • Buy Lottery tickets in the NUT Lottery (developing)
  • Create your NUT Profile and mint NFTs (developing)
  • Use it in Prediction game


Token name: NUT MONEY . Short name: NUT.
  • Total Supply: 3,800,000 (update to May 2021)
  • Mining Speed: 72,866 NUT/Week
  • Max Supply: 100,000,000
Token allocation:
  • 60% Loan Mining + Liquidity Mining
  • 20% Team incentive + Project Operation
  • 15% DAO Governance
  • 5% Eco-incentive + Initial Liquidity
(*) Total Supply is the total amount of coins in existence right now (minus any coins that have been verifiably burned)
(*) Max Supply is the best approximation of the maximum amount of coins that will ever exist in the lifetime of the cryptocurrency.
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