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Stack your liquidity to earn NUT
Staking Liquidity Pool (NUT - LP) tokens to earn NUT Token. Follow the process below to eat the NUT token.
Step 1: Go to the Earning page here
On Earning page, you will see many Earning cards.
Here is detailed information about an Earning Card:
  • Liquidity: Your total liquidity and other members are locked in this card
  • Pool rate: total reward token returns per week.
  • APR: means annual percentage. APR is expressed as a percentage representing the annual real cost of capital over the life of a loan or the income earned from an investment. High APR means high payout rate
If you want to earn the NUT token, you click "Deposit" to stack your liquidity and earn the NUT
Step 2: Deposit liquidity and earn the NUT token.
After click on the Deposit button
You can see your liquidity and the Stack button
If you don't have Liquidity Token, you need click on "Add liquidity token" button to add your liquidity
To add liquidity, Please read and follow the tutorial link: How to add liquidity
If you have Liquidity Token, you can go to step 3.
Step 3: Stack liquidity
Click on the button Stack to stack liquidity
After clicking on the button Stack, you see a modal box
Enter your amount, or click on the Max button to stack all your amount.
After that, click on the Approve button, you will see a confirmation box on Metamask
Click the Sign button, back to the modal box, click on the "Deposit" button to deposit Liquidity
Click "Confirm" on the Metamask to pay fee and finish Deposit step.
Finally, you can see the confirmation and the transation log in confirm box.
Step 4: Claim the NUT token
You can also redeem your Liquidity stacked and Claim the NUT token at any time.
  • Button Withdraw: click to redeem your liquidity.
  • Button Claim: click to claim NUT reward
NUT rewards are calculated every 3 seconds, so you can claim it anytime
After click on the claim button, you click on Confirm on Metamask to confirm transation
After that, NUT will be withdrawn to your Metamask wallet.
You can see account history by click on your account address on the right top of the page.
The system will show the log account transaction history, so you can click on the transaction link to see detail.