How to add NUT to TokenPocket

Easy to add NUT Token to Your TokenPocket Wallet
In case you have not created Wallet on the HECO chain, follow the steps below. If you already have an existing Heco Wallet please ignore it
Step 1: Create Wallet Click on the wallet icon at the right corner of the token pocket
Step 2: Create a wallet
2.1 Select HECO Chain
2.2 Select Create
2.3 Select "Create Wallet"
2.4 Enter your wallet name and wallet password
Press Create Wallet to finish.
After having a HECO chain’s wallet, follow these process to add a NUT:
Step 1: Click on “+” icon
Step 2: Type NUT on search bar
You will see NUT Token with icon and address as follows: 0x4f0A3 .... 79b
Step 3: Click on “+” button to add NUT Token to your wallet